Kerri – Age 39

Name (or alias): Kerri

Age: 39

What substance(s) are you struggling with?


How long have you been struggling?

18 years

Are you sober? If so, how long have you been sober?


What are your goals for your current treatment?

I want to continue learning about the disease of addiction as well as my mental health problems. I would like to be able to handle life in general and be a better healthier person overall

What strengths have you learned since you have been in treatment to help you stay sober?

I learned many coping skills, I learned how to ask for help, take suggestions, I learned my triggers. I have learned many things.

Due to your recovery experiences what would you advise young people in Worcester about substance use?

You’re worth more than you think and giving up substances will be worth it.

What do you attribute your success in recovery to?

CAC- SOAP program, anger management class, drug class and one on one therapy.

How has addiction affected your relationships with friends, family, peers?

I can finally see what is healthy and unhealthy relationships, because of this I have not spoken to many family members and old friends.

What resources were the most helpful to you in Worcester, MA in achieving sobriety?