Nick – Age 18

Name (or alias): Nick – age 18

What substance(s) are you struggling with? Cocaine, Marijuana, Alochol

How long have you been struggling? 5 months or so

Are you sober? If so, how long have you been sober? Yes. 58 days.

What are your goals for your current treatment? To stay clean and positive.

What strengths have you learned since you have been in treatment to help you stay sober? Opening up, listening, staying happy and positive.

Due to your recovery experiences, what would you advise young people in Worcester about substance use? Being 18 I can say it is never worth it no matter how “cool” people make it seem, it will always get you in trouble and your friends and family won’t trust you.

What would you attribute your success in recovery to? 10/10

How has addiction affected your relationships with friends, family, peers? It affected it a lot. My parents did’ trust me and would always asks me where I am or going.

What are some of the common pitfalls and places that people in Worcester can avoid to stay substance free? Public parks and people that use.

What resources were the most helpful to you in Worcester, MA in achieving sobriety? CAC Worcester’s SOAP Program.

What resources would you like to see in Worcester, MA to help decrease substance abuse? More places like CAC Worcester.

What do you suggest for preventative measures for young people before they pick up a substance? Choose your friends wisely. Just don’t do it.

What else could the community do to make it safer? Stricter police force.

**Participants were not paid for their participation**