Nicole – Age 24

Name (or alias): Nicole

Age: 24

What would you attribute your success in recovery to? The CAC SOAP program has improved my life. When I first came to the SOAP program, I was having a difficult time, in denial, insecure, [and suffering from] low self-confidence. I felt like me being here was a joke and I thought I knew it all. Honestly I didn’t.

When time passed by and I saw one just one thing that I’ve never ever thought I would see: I was recognizing how I was taking my life away and accepting [my substance use] as a disease and addiction. One class touched my soul and took that blindfold off my eyes.

SOAP helps me see, in fact, step by step, how addiction the disease affects us. “Just one more” takes everything away: your self confidence, home, family, job, and social life. SOAP helped me to recognize how it mentally affects me and how to change and face the consequences of life challenges, new changes, battles, and struggles.

All we get up comes from high in between them clouds is the blessing of God. Believing is living and the Faith is the strength of success. Thank you SOAP program for being my Angel.