Ron – Age 35

Name (or alias): Ron – Age 35

What substance(s) are you struggling with? Adderol

How long have you been struggling? 5 years

Are you sober? If so, how long have you been sober? Yes. I have been sober for 6 months.

What are your goals for your current treatment? To stay on the same path that I’m on because it is working great for me.

What strengths have you learned since you have been in treatment to help you stay sober? I have learned that there is another better path in life than to turn to drugs. The sober life is much more rewarding and satisfying than the drug life and that if you talk to someone to help you through whatever you are dealing with at that time, you will see something in that situation that will help you get through it.

Due to your recovery experiences, what would you advise young people in Worcester about substance use? I would advise them that if they are leading the life of drugs, they should come to SOAP. Getting and staying clean is the best way. I probably wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for this program.

What would you attribute your success in recovery to? I attribute it to the SOAP program, my will to get and stay clean and the amazing support system that the SOAP program helped me to make.

How has addiction affected your relationships with friends, family, peers? It destroyed almost every relationship I have ever had up until I came to the SOAP program. Within the first few weeks of going to the SOAP program, I started rekindling previous relationships that I destroyed and now have many sober friends that I lost before.

What are some of the common pitfalls and places that people in Worcester can avoid to stay substance free? Stay away from bars, gentlemen clubs, Millbury street, and the Commons.

What resources were the most helpful to you in Worcester, MA in achieving sobriety? CAC Worcester has been the most helpful resource I have had in achieving my sobriety.

What resources would you like to see in Worcester, MA to help decrease substance abuse? More places like CAC Worcester. This place is a great help with the road to recovery.

What do you suggest for preventative measures for young people before they pick up a substance? Always think before you act, and if you have picked up a substance, there is always someone to talk to at CAC Worcester.

What else could the community do to make it safer? Raise more awareness to what programs there are in Worcester and raise awareness to what effect drugs have on you.


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